Supramental Consciousness with guest speaker Craig Williams

Topic: Supramental Consciousness and Sri Aurobindo Guest speaker: Craig Williams LAc "Division and ignorance are overcome, and replaced with a unity of consciousness. The physical body will be transformed and divinized. The gnostic being sees the spirit everywhere in the world, and in every other person. This awareness eliminates the usual separation between man and... Read more

The Supramental Ship

For more visit On February 3, 1958, Mother's consciousness went to an intermediate zone between our world and the supramental world, where the link to connect the two worlds was being created. On February 19,. 1958 she read out the written report of her experience to the Ashram, It was recorded, transcribed and published... Read more

Qu'est ce que le supramental ?

Dans cette vidéo, nous voyons ce qu'est le supramental, la conscience supramentale et les conséquences de la manifestation supramentale sur la Terre. La 1ère manifestation supramentale a eu lieu le 29 février 1956 suite au travail de Sri Aurobindo puis de La Mère. ️ 🙏 Soutenez-moi en vous abonnant à la chaîne : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬... Read more